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    Hi everyone
    My game freezes since the last update on 31st october. I have probs when i click on SQN, Challenge, "Go" in a task of the daily task list, or when i select a ship for the loot..I play on firefox and it worked perfectly before.

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    I have the exact same problem, actually. My game freezes the moment I try to navigate away from my main base. This game worked perfectly before the 31st October update.

    Right now, I cannot go to 'Challenges,' 'Map' or 'Trade.'
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      Same here..Been 2 days now and 4 emails later to support,still freezes.


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        ...same here...and ONLY on Firefox...


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          I use chrome and now it's 3 days..Then they wonder why they lose so many beta testers..I'm out..GL!!!


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            Hey guys. As some of you noted before, the problem only occurs when you use a specific browser, however the browser keeps changing.

            As nafai noted, he used to play on Firefox, but the he was able to play on a different browser.

            Like wabbit1, I play this game on Chrome and my game freezes, even after I deleted my cookies and tried to play in Incognito mode. But for some reason, the game works when I play on Firefox.

            I have reason to suspect it might have something to do with how the game interacts with the memory of your browser - that is to say that the pre-update data from before the 31st Oct interferes with the game running after the update - but I'm not 100% sure. I'm going to try clearing my cache to see if it's the cached data that's causing the problem.

            Update: Clearing the cache doesn't work.
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              Hello guys.. i also have the same issue. It appears only with firefox.. I tried Opera yesterday and it did the same thing.. Edge works and im using that.... but not happy with it.. There is a line in the java code that is locking the browser that i have seen.. i need to do some further testing before I can submit to the devs


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                same here. .


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                  I have submitted this to an elevated level.. Unfortunately its was the weekend..