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Major balancing issues.

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  • Major balancing issues.

    I just want to point out there are some major balancing issues which leads to newer/weaker player having pretty much zero chance to be able to catch up or compete with the top 5 or so players on your chosen server.

    Levels are not an issue as you level up doing non pvp type actions. The issues stems from the fact that leveling is not the only thing to look at when looking at an enemy to determine their strength.

    Ship ranks, equipment ranks and skills are all very very important as well.

    Lets take virtual battle for example.

    You are placed in battle with players that while close in level that are way way overpowered for you to even entertain having a chance against them due to them have all purple ship with maxed or very high skill levels on their ships aff ship and officers. This leads to them essentially farming virtual battle with uninterrupted win streaks. Losers get no points and thus can't advance this way and even if we don't show up the AI they are matched against has no chance against them.

    This is just leading to and even bigger gap that will be nearly impossible to overcome.

    The same problem exists with colonies, the top 5 can just rampage through the maps and collect, seize or loot to their hearts content and weaker players have to get really really lucky. The timer on collecting (10m) is just too long as invariably it you get pummeled when there's 1 or 2 mins left on the collecting timer.

    The problem stems I feel from the inability of being able to acquire enough skill points as there is no decent way to acquire any, unless you are in the top 5 or so players. We have starter colonies but you can only collect a few points every 24 hours where as in the pvp areas points can be collect every couple hours.

    Add to this the extreme number of skill points required for flagships, aff ships and officers you can see how this is causing a huge imbalance that will be impossible to overcome.

    Add the fact people are using scripts to automate's just leading to the game becoming too unbalance to be fun or enjoyable.

    There should be different ways to acquire skill points.

    For example it should be possible to get a good chunk of SP from some kind of academy that you can build up just like you do for other resources like vitt, crystal, lat, etc etc.

    You should also be getting some SP from any battles you win be they other players or npc while questing, cruising doing dungeons etc.
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    I agree with this 100%. the massive imbalance that happens, with the inability to catch up in any reasonable way just means that until the high geared/skilled people get bored curb stomping everyone, no one else can catch up.

    This game is also just way to P2W. I get it, you want to milk that cow, but it just means spending a little money early in a servers life means you get to roll everyone from then on.

    It also means there is no reason for new people coming in to spend money because they have no chance to catch up.


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      Once you hit lvl 40+ you really start to see the blatant P2W..........


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        Also to add a situation, where i will never catch up. The number of affiliate ships on fleet. Example. Promethius (fleet A), i have 22 affiliates, i am level 65. the problem, Flagship tech and command tech a and b are maxed. But, my ship yard is level capped at 12, which means i can not upgrade to get the extra 2 affiliate ships. I have seen players 3 or 4 levels lower with 24 affiliate ships. I will never achieve this. After I spent money for resources to do so. not right


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          my boat yard is level topped at 12, which implies I can not move up to get the additional 2 associate boats. I have seen players 3 or 4 levels lower with 24 offshoot ships. I will never accomplish this.


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            I agree as well. Plus the Faction War is also way unbalanced. The strongest player getting the first shot in PVP battles needs to go. The majority of the time they are able to wipe out shields and take a big chunk of HP away from affiliates and FS. It needs to be the weakest player that either gets the first shot or gets buffed up to around the same strength as the strongest player.


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              Originally posted by 40921596426573
              I know it is too late, but I still want to say it.

              This game is like running a 50 meter race. It is very short and very one directional. Once a person get the head start, who is the winner and who are the losers is determined. It is almost impossible to catch up unless the difference is very little from the beginning.

              We all see that problem but I guess it is also why some people like it,. Some people just love to watch the way how 99 people can NEVER catch up simply because you started two days earlier. That's the only twisted fun I can think of about this game -- watching people lower than you AND you know they can never win unless you quit. The game (Star Trek™ Alien Domain: Incursion) itself has no fun to play, you just do the same thing repeatedly to upgrade ships and that's all you do, There is no endgame, no skill, no balance. And if that isn't bad enough then guess what? There are only two sides to pick, but both sides is just the same thing! The only difference is just the skin and names of two sides, but functionwise they are the exact same thing.

              Because of that game setting, it really give the gamers NO REASON to pay for it. So this is not even a pay-to-win game, it is simply a dead end game. Some game developers want to make games that are like and/or play by many people, some want to make money from it, but this dead end game doesn't want any of that. It discourage new comers and it setup rules to ensure you can't pay-to-win. So I really don't know what it really want. Star Trek is a big IP. I don't think I can ever understand why make a game for it but doesn't want people to join in or pay it. I am confused and kinda speechless about it. No wonder it didn't start new server in years and the update is almost like dead.
              thanks for the info.