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What in the bloody hell???

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  • What in the bloody hell???

    I am literally at my limit of patience...

    1st of all your support ticket system DOESN'T WORK - I have tried to send support tickets from 5 different PC's 2 of them were after FORMAT with Windows 10 Pro x64 freshly installed. After clicking "send ticket" browser tries to send it endlesly and no new "CASE" in my account appears.
    Tested Chrome, Firefox, Waterfox, Edge, IE and Opera - FIX IT !!!

    2nd of all I am waiting now.. for what? A MONTH for you to finally fix bug I mentioned at post
    I MADE A POST BECUASE IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO SEND TICKET but still you support people obviously don't give a damn about it.

    3rd of all fix THE GOD DAMN DROP rates from dragon. I LITERALLY SOLOED IT. MADE OVER 30 MLN DMG to recive NO quest item.
    Pic1 Announcement that I killed it

    Pic2 Proof that I have Killed it

    Pic3 Proof that I made WHOLE 100% of dmg

    Pic4 Proof that I have RECIVED NOTHING FROM DRAGON and that my shining star IS STILL NOT IN MY BAG AFTER MONTH OF WAITING!

    Tell me WHAT am I PAYING FOR???
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    I do not know what going on , but i feel like they don't want to fix bugs that has been there for decades, black scale one of them, element is another of them, mages that aren't working properly parts of it, even with video/picture of those bugs, its still there.... feel like they just want ur money , and wont fixed anything. ''we need Hiro approval'' doesnt make an excuse, bugs are there, fix it, those content has been already ''approve by him, this do not make an excuse do dont fix things...


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      Thank you for sharing same point of view. At least now I am just mad not furious.