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Forgot what server I previously played on

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  • Forgot what server I previously played on

    I recently started playing this game again- however my server was down and didn't think much about it and simply changed my server. Somehow I wasn't aware that all of my data would be lost when I changed my server, so now I've lost my old account since I don't remember which server I was playing on. I've lost over 50 levels (The details are kinda hazy- I stopped playing this game when life caught up to me and I had to focus my time elsewhere), along with the rest of the progress I made.

    It's unfortunate for me, I should have been aware, but I would really appreciate it if anybody could help. My username was kiwiwaifu- or maybe KiwiWaifu, it's been so long since I played, but woe is me.

    If anybody help I'd really appreciate it, much thanks!!