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  • Arena Complaint

    Arima IXA @339K V Kuzen @240K
    Yamori @240K V Arima IXA @323K
    Noro @257K V Noro @243K

    I am currently my server's rank one Rc @1.6M and the rank two @1.4M is currently the Arena Lord as written above the two heroes that bring us up is Noro and Arima IXA mine being 10-20K Rc above him but everytime I play ARENA my heroes specifically Arima IXA and Noro don't use their 3rd skills I tried reporting but they said to record it but every fucking time I record it they use their 3rds thus nullifying my complaint and even if you argue that maybe Kuzen pull Arima IXA to stun or reset CD (not sure) and so DPS don't get shields if my Noro could just use his 3rd even at the same time as the enemy Noro I would/could still win but NO my Noro doesn't use his 3rd at all when I'm not recording this fucking stupid. Obviously a ploy to make sure the top player keeps buying diamonds to stay on top.

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