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Will there be a fix for 'Live challenges'?

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  • Will there be a fix for 'Live challenges'?

    I have been able to participate in either 'PvP or Team Challange' for an extended period of time.
    I am a dedicated player and I contribute by paying real $$$ to enhance my experience.
    To be penalised because my team is too strong? This should be addressed and modified to give your players what is only fair.
    There should be some forward thinking for when players advance past a point that you can not handle.

    Also, there are so many players not active on the servers. Why not merge some of the first (earliest) servers instead creating so many new ones?
    You should at least provide some better quality of gaming for your earliest loyal player instead of ignoring us and leaving us for dead.

    Do you value your players? I ask this not with sarcasm but sincerely would like to know.