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  • Unable to change teams

    Noticed a few days ago that I can't change my team. I had 3 teams set up and could swap between them. Now I click the numbers on the bottom, even the arrows on the side and they do nothing. Please fix ASAP as I can't complete the higher tier dailies with my current team. Thanks in advance.

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    Support for this game is crap. Not even a mod or dev response. They have no problem taking money from this VIP, but can't be bothered to help me with an issue I'm having. I'm done supporting this game.


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      Also unable to switch teams, I've been looking for a solution for weeks. Please patch this


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        Same thing is happening to me and I've had the issue for many months. I've even changed devices and transferred my account to a new tablet and still have the issue - so it's game and account based rather than something happening with our device we're playing it on. It's so frustrating, I wish I knew a work around or something.