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  • VIP Draw bug

    Recently I've been pulling out of the VIP draw and I've been getting shafted, I'll get 3-12 shards for a blue/green. That's been bugging me, or I'll get 12 shards for Kaya Black Dog or Koma Devil Ape. But I just received 2 VIP cards, and the game ate them. I used them on the draw, but I didn't get anything. I don't know if the server is undergoing service or if the event ended and it just ate them. My friend did it too except his was for 12 tickets. I'm honestly upset and I'd like some sort of reimbursement. We're on server 75 Jason 2 on android. I'm DaddyIssues and he's iitzHulkV2.

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    Same here, i drew twice with diamonds and cards each, for 10th draw and didn't get anything, it just ate them.


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      same here, and the worst thing is that the game said that i got half kakuja-kaneki, but without the animation. When i got to the character box, i didnt have him, and i didnt have my gems