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  • Idea's for future updates?

    The things I would like to see implemented into Tokyo Ghoul the Dark War:

    ~Something similar to the lucky points system from limited time draw, infused into the VIP draw. I personally have pulled many, many, many times from the VIP draw and have gotten N's and NR's multiple times. While I know that every shard counts, I feel like the N's and NR's should be removed from the VIP draw.
    ~Remove the level caps from the story mode. Or at least make it easier to level up. As of when I'm making this post, I'm plateaud at 67 and it takes me 3 or 4 days to level up. I'm only on act 23 (as of writing this,) but whenever I watch the older LeasChill, or Envy videos, they aren't that much higher of a level than I am right now. But they are on much higher stages.

    ~Add a stage re-roll system. That way the game doesn't become so stagnant. This way you could reset your story progression, and have something to do that would both help you level up and it would probably help the free to plays.

    *Maybe, either nerf the rewards, or buff them and make the stages slightly harder to

    ~I know people ask for it all the time, but new characters. I know that as an official game you have to work hard to get the licencing to be able to use the characters that you have. But where's Hide? You know Hideyoshi Nagachika? Kaneki's BEST FRIEND. I feel like he could be a cool support for a Kaneki based team, where he ads a friendship bonus that buffs HP and his defenses.

    ~Different costumes maybe? That's just like a minor thing, for laughs.

    ~Friend's status, i.e. when they last logged in. This way you could be friends with active players to make sure you're getting all the bonuses of being friends with someone.

    ~Rewards for top 50 players in the rankings on things such as: RC, Level, Cochlea.

    That's about all I got for now. I adore the game, and I'd like to see it make a lot more headway, but as it is right now it's so easy to get frustrated with the draws is just flat out plateau on the leveling system and get bored and move on to another game.

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    ~Another section of stats that helps with rewards for PvE rewards and extra drops.

    ~Weekly or monthly SSR raids to help grind out those shards for SSR's.

    I feel like these things would also help diversify the game so players don't stagnate. Any way, until I think of some more things that's all I got.


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      I would like to see uta. I love him so much


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        And add a character to the game is Wounded Kaneki (mask)?
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          Thanks for all your suggestions!
          I'll forward it to our Team.



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            1. RC cells select amount instead of having to be there for ages clicking add item then enhance then add item enhance it gets boring add add item x 10 or x20 x50.

            2. clear old cheaters in the ranks that have been banned.

            3. organization chat that can stay on there for others to see your comment when they come online when your not online

            4. the red, yellow, blue, green, grey symbols above the character to show what they belong to like yellow touch it on phone it shows words bokaku saves a lot of time.

            5. choose own back grounds from a selection some from spending gold some from spending diamonds possibly competitions or events and some from buying it out right.