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How to spend your gems wisely?

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  • How to spend your gems wisely?

    Im VIP 7 and have arund 9-10k gems. I already pulled x10 twice and got Hinami and Touka Rabbit as SR, been buying their shards everywhere i see em to make em 3 stars asap. I also have Rize 4 Stars already and soon will get Arima 80 shards from VIP package. So what is the best way to use these idle gems? wait for future events, pull more draws or use them for in-game stuff (stamina, gold, resets, sweeps, gifts, org. contribution, etc?) Any expert p2w that can share tip on this?
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    Wait for noro's event. And also yamamori half kakuja. Both ssr at time limited draw. There you can spam gems and get them ^_^ noro the most op character out there.


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      Yeah if you have found a strong team you should „waste“ your gems for stamina-> equip and make every as good as possible