Thanks for all your participation in our Survey Event, and we really appreciated your valuable feedback and suggestion.

Here comes the lucky winners, who will win 1000 Gems as the rewards.

Other players who do not win this time also have a chance to win 10$ rewards in this basic Survey Event:

Server 1:
Morphz S1
xAkabanex S1
Hellrato S1
UseTheAim S1
ShibouShi S1
iGruvia S1
Wariorkaze S1
JailBeat S1
Alex98 S1
DeathKnight S1

Server 2:
Kaneki7 S2
Infamous S2
Hanzo S2
Output S2
Yuri21 S2
Vasvi S2
Issac S2
hiday S2
kaneki27 S2

Server 3:
Donatan S3
AlyshiaFei S3
Yoruichi S3
aomine S3
Shigaraki S3
AnteikuBell S3
ShadowEye S3
hydrasandy S3
HeyJake S3
Kidjing S3