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    >>>>Event 1: Top-up Gifts<<<<
    Give you Rc a boost!! - During the event, top up any amount for the first time to get a full set of Expert Equipment;
    The Best Defence - Top up 200 Diamond to receive the powerful SR hero Amon-Dojima++ï¼›
    The Best Support - Top up 2000 Diamond to receive the powerful SSR hero Tataraï¼›

    >>>>Event 2: Growth Fund<<<<
    During the event, players can buy a Growth Fund after meeting requirements, and receive massive Diamond rewards when the corresponding fund level is reached.

    >>>>Event 3: Time-Limited Discount<<<<
    During the event, players can buy 3 different types of excellent item materials at low prices every day.
    >>>>Event 4: VIP Rewards<<<<
    During the event, players' VIP level will be increased based on their top-up amount. For every VIP level, there will be a VIP pack available, containing superb equipment, items or heroes. VIP15 players are able to buy the strongest SSR hero Arima-IAX in the game! VIP players can obtain an exclusive Value Pack every day!

    >>>>Event 5: Accumulative Top-Up<<<<
    During the event, players can receive massive materials, item chests, and the strong support hero Eto in the game after the accumulative top-up amount reaches the requirement.

    >>>>Event 6: Improve Rc to Win Gifts<<<<
    During the event, meet the Rc requirement to receive tons of Rank-2 EXP Potions and Advanced Refine Stones.

    >>>>Event 7: Rc Competition<<<<
    After the event, the top 10 players in the Rc Ranking will be rewarded with massive Evolutionary Cells and Gold. The No.1-4 players can even have a chance to obtain the SR tank Amon-Dojima+.

    >>>>Event 8: Level Contest<<<<
    After the event, the top 10 players in the Level Ranking will receive massive Rank-2 EXP Potions, Gold, Epic Equipment Shard Chests.

    >>>>Event 9: Diamond Draw Gifts<<<<
    During the event, join the Diamond Draw for the required number of times to claim various superb items with a chance to obtain the SR support hero Eto.

    >>>>Event 10: Upgrade Gifts<<<<
    During the event, reach the required level to claim level rewards, including massive Evolution Materials, Gold and EXP Potions.

    >>>>Event 11: 7-Day Login Pack<<<<
    During the event, log in daily to claim EXP Potions, Gold, Diamonds, Rc Cells, Equipment Star-Up Blueprints, Epic Equipment Shard Chests, the powerful and handsome damage dealer Aneki-Rinkaku and other rewards.

    >>>>Event 12: Privilege Card Benefits<<<<
    During the event, we will be introducing 3 types of privilege card for players: Monthly Card, Season Card and 6-Month Card. During the effective period of the Privilege Card, players can claim 100 Diamonds, 10 Sweep Tickets, and 1 NR Lucky Box Key daily.

    >>>>Event 13: 7-Day Goals<<<<
    During the event period, one goal will be unlocked daily for 7 days. As long as you meet the condition, you will be able to claim a corresponding reward. Goals and rewards are different each day. After 7 days, the system will send the powerful SR damage dealer - Juzo-Armor as a reward based on the number of goals players completed during the event.

    Tokyo Ghoul Dark War
    Operation Team
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    Alaways for VIP players tssk tssk ...
    Please create an event for all ..
    We need a event for non vip and so for vip players thank you .