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  • Cheating in game

    Why is it, that nobody can collect ANY latinum or much crystal, from ANY toids, because Warar has bots flying, 24/7, collecting it all, before anybody else can get to it? Her name was Amber, until called on this subject, at which time, she changed her name, and continued as usual.Server 1

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    if you are concerned, contact support with a video of this happening.


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      They don't care, they do nothing about it, they don't even read these forums anymore, look at all the spam, what a joke


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        How can I possibly follow 4 fleets, across all 4 sectors videoing her activities, for a whole 24 hours, when Samba can do it all from home base?

        As per Game Samba User agreement:

        (e) Cheating Programs. To ensure fair play, The Company does not allow the use of any cheating programs such as macros, bots, or mouse simulators etc., to play Gamesamba Games. If you use these cheating programs, you may suffer severe consequences including, but not limited, to the followings: (i) The Company may suspend your Passport for an indefinite period time; (ii) The Company may terminate your Passport; and (iii) The Company reserves the right to seek further legal remedies against you.

        It is not my job to document her actions. it is Samba's job to monitor and control such actions.
        And yet, you do nothing to stop this.

        It is a pretty sad state of affairs when faction members have to battle each other to beat her to these toids, just to collect these resources, which, as I understand, are SUPPOSED to be available for all players, not just some cheaters, who are actually robbing everybody else of them.


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          They won't do nothing, don't waste your time.
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