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Every weekly contest broke on 1-1-2020

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  • Every weekly contest broke on 1-1-2020

    Every weekly contest reset or broke completely at midnight.

    Weekly Tournament reset - now it shows no players enrolled, and it won't let you enroll because it's past Monday.

    CSSB also reset -- it's no longer possible to enroll in that one because it's now Wednesday.

    SB reset -- all ranks and titles from last week and scores from earlier this week are now gone.

    Arena reset, although that's not as bad because only 1 day was lost.

    3x3 also reset, again not as bad because only one 1 day was lost.

    Bottom line, two contests are completely broken, one lost all it's data and the others reset, because apparently the game can't handle an end-of-year date change.

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    This game is Star Trek Alien Domain: Incursion. The game you are referring to is Star Trek: Alien Domain. Please post there. Thanks.