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    I've seen a few conversations on this. But nothing anyone has mentioned seems to pan out. It would be real nice if the game producers would get off their butts and finish this game, including a wiki.

    I've picked up over a dozen transition cores so far and have been unable to use any of them. I've seen some mention about the need to move on to the next chapter to be able to use the cores on the previous chapter. So I've made it to level 53 on my main account. I cannot use the transition core on either Easy or Medium. For my level 50 Dominion account I cannot use the cores on just the easy either. With both accounts i've completed all 20 "stages" of the transition war. Attached are screen shots for my level 43 (on normal) and my level 50 (on easy). Can someone point to the "button" that allows me to use the transition cores?

    level 53 transition war.PNG
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    I remember the same thing, i think i could not use them till i finished the hard lvl or even the master, it is a long time since i completed all the lvl's but i could be wrong on that.


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      i cant use them either.