There is a bug which involves the servers since the 6th of January 2022, it takes multiple logins to get into the game as well on Google Chrome using regular browsing as well as Incognito mode whether internet cache is deleted or not. This has shown up after the maintenance on January 5. The loading screen gets stuck at 15% on the top and the bottom goes to 100% quickly. I have to continually refresh until I finally can get in. This is of course on top of having to log out and log back in to get rewards after the Borg Invasion is done. Don't know about other events having this problem. My character name is Jack Hunter. Server is S1- Harrakis V.

On another note, could GS please send the December 2021 gift to my in-game mailbox? I received it for Star Trek: Alien Domain but have not logged into Star Trek Alien Domain: Incursion until recently so was not able to get it in time. That was two weeks ago and there really should not be a limit on how long messages last in the mailbox I play Star Trek Online and such time limit exists. I still play both games but more STAD than STADI. Thanks.