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Daily Loot Point bug

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  • Daily Loot Point bug

    With the Daily Loot Point I have found that when only the 100 point hand-ins are left, the game either stops recording or stops recognising loot points after the first turn in of those 100 point rewards.

    Today for example I have looted almost 2 million resources, but I can't buy the last 70 Officer Exp Cards as the game says I have "Not enough points".

    I have done the following test multiple times today:
    - Close browser (Chrome)
    - Restart game
    - Loot a planet again successfully
    ​- Check to see if I can purchase - no

    This specific retest I start with 35 points showing in the interface, then while having the window open the two loot results come in, resetting the display to 83,946, which is my unspent loot total, but I still can't buy anything - not even a single 100 point item.

    Apart from the bug itself, I would clearly like to see more stuff to buy there daily - perhaps the always there metal boxes could be 100 or 999...


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    Character: Omarion
    Server: s20
    Time w.y.e.t.b. : Entering the daily loot point
    Bug description: Can't buy Items although enough points available, points reset to 35 after browser refresh (Firefox)

    Click image for larger version

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      Loot point max =65535, spent it wisely
      it is a digiting fault or the max is 65535, that i dont know