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  • Problem(s) with the game

    I'm level 36 and have options available to me for that level. This past Wednesday, I logged onto the game and now it looks like I've basically started over. Only the "Bag" and "Fleet" are available, but my buildings have stayed the same levels. No Normal Dungeon, No Sector Clash. I can't collect anything from my planets. I'm afraid if I do anything, it will erase all my progress so far. I've sent GameSamba 3 emails...1 on Wednesday, 1 on Thursday and 1 today and I've yet to hear anything from them. I went back to check to see if I made an error on my info I sent them and it's correct. I'm getting frustrated and it upsets me that I'm not getting any help from them.

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    Sent another Email to the Devs again today. Still no word from them for my last 3 messages describing the same situation. The customer service here sucks ass and I'm thinking about quitting and avoiding all games that GameSamba has anything to do with.