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  • Star up for affiliate ships

    Hello! I have some issues that given how depopulated this game is have no answer still.
    Are Star up values for a type of an affiliate ship the same no matter upgrades, boosts and organize effects? Is something affecting this like it is with component level and upgrade value of those four branches linked to it?

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    Each affiliate has its own table of stats,in which each stat is raised in different levels according to the design of how the ship was made.. some have a higher evasion, and some may have a higher attack,armor etc. A single boost on 1 affiliate may raise a stat by 15 while on a different affiliate the stat may only rise by say 10.All the affiliates are designed accordingly.. Star boost is a separate value,independant of the other 4 stats that can be boosted...I think this is what you are are 2 different affiliates at the same star level. notice the difference in the star boost between the two Click image for larger version

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      Yes, that was pretty much what i knew. What i do not know and it seems that i couldnt make it clear in my post is this aspect: star boost as separate value can gain more or less basic stats on same affiliate or not? Is anything that affects those basic stats or is it safe to upgrade as high as you can as fast as you can ? Officer abilities affects it but not as basic stats. Bonuses simply add to total value if affiliate is in a fleet with coresponding officers to boost.
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        Perhaps this issue is better to ask on the discord channel. There are may ppl there that can help you much quicker and its possible to explain better when someone live can answer or talk to you directly. Posting here, it may take days sometimes for any replies.


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          Very well, thank you.