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Please cancel the attack on the Map.

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  • Please cancel the attack on the Map.

    Please cancel ALL PvP attack on the Map, including cancel the seizing colonies, attack on exploitation ships and chest exploration attacks. The current unbalance battle condition on the Map allows high level player(s) attack the lowest level players, and what's the point of it? Such abusive attacks can do nothing but to kick newcomers away from this game because there is no fun for newcomer to stay.

    Different rank rewards is showing that the game is expecting at least 50 players from each side (Dominion VS UFP) all the time. That's a total of 100 players minimum per server 24 / 7,) but the fact is that most servers' don't even have 10 active players doing Daily Events. Just count the number of players listed on those "last week" rank boards of different events and you'll know that's true. The conflict between the interest of the company expectation and the reality can't be more obvious.

    So lets try something new to rescue this game. Lets concentrate all PvP battles in Faction War and Virtual Battles, let players can each have a colony on the same planet, and let all players have their own chests to explore without interruption from another player. That way, low level players will have a chance to survive, because it is obvious that resources supply from the base is insufficient for the development. When people can develop in the game, they will stay. If we do that, I think those toxic bullies will also be decrease as well because the fact that very often players get the first place simply because he/she showed up in the events. Which is showing that bullies are not interested in area that they can't directly bully anyone. When the gamer population grow steadily, the amount that players will invest in this game will grow accordingly as well. And that will be a happy win-win situation I would like to see.

    P.S. If you want to ban me because I speak the truth. Go ahead.
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