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    There is no doubt that a lot of time and effort went into the design and creation of the game, and overall it is a great game that we have the Developers to thank for.
    Let me start by saying THANK YOU to those who produced it.

    There is an assumption that if we max things out, things will be balanced.
    I've found this not to be the case.
    I could go into this on many topics, but I'll do fleet sizes and resources:

    Around level 30, I found that I was consuming Dilithium at a rate of 17,500 per hour for tech research.
    There is also the cost of
    - building upgrades
    - fusing SPAR crystals for mouting in weapons
    - Staring up ships

    To supply this, I had a maxed out building (for my level) as well as all dilithium bases. Total production: ~ 10k / hour
    There were 5 level 1 outposts that I could raid without raiding the other faction.
    Assuming that I did not get raided, and that none of the other players looted those 5, and I got all of it, I could get 5k more / hour.
    Of course, the ideal can't be reached. People will loot those if you're waiting for them to max out. Etc.
    This leaves a shortfall of 2.5k per hour before trying to fund other activities.
    Then I just sit on my 100+ 15 minute tech boosts, because time isn't the limiting factor.
    The daily dungeon doesn't go far. In fact: the surplus I built up while waiting for lab to upgrade was about 250k, and went fast 1st day.

    Around level 40, I took stock of the ship situation, which always seemed like I didn't have enough production space:

    With the building and tech maxed out, I have 800 ship slots to supply 12 ship types for 3 flagships with 55 ships per type average.
    55 x 12 = 660 ship, 220 per fleet average. Plus I have 2 missions that use ships without falgships. I didn't bother upgrading past 60 ships each.
    660+120 = 780 standing fleet
    Of course, those 5 fleets take losses, so I'm incliined to build some reserves to send, but I only have 20 slots to build, which is 1 stack at a time.

    There are times, like the chests, where you know you're going to lose a LOT of ships. Hundreds of them.
    The only things that kept me from having more battles were travel time and having to wait for ships to build.
    In other words: I have to stop playing the game at the best part because I have to switch from the fun tactical to the manigerial production.
    Normally I would use strategy to supply extra ships in advance, or at least start production.

    In short, the ship capacity is a bit low for the fleet requirements.
    I would expect to be able to build at least 15 of each ship in reserve, or 20 so that I can do 1 lot size after all fleets are filled.
    12x20 = 240 which added to the 780 = 1,020 ships as a reasonable minimum cap.

    Higher caps should be attainable by upgrading tech or buildings.
    The current situation is like trying to wrestle in a phone booth.

    PS - I'm aware that you can buy a tiny amount from HQ for 10 credits, but this amount is gone so quickly as to not be worth while.
    Even so, I have done about a dozen beyond the daily free ones.
    Later on, when you have the harder daily dungeons unlocked, it might make sense to spend 30 credits for extra when it is doubled.

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    LIke it not you are going to have to raid other players colonies to get the resources. This has not changed since Travian came out 30 or so years ago and started the trend. I always build max ships possible and store them in each of my colonies with a max shipyard. Seems to work for me since you can call them to your fleet as long as you are not in warp. Only other possible solution is to keep moving your colonies further up the sectors ladder. The higher the level the better resources the planets produce. Not the best answers but it might help others who read your great post.
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