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UI and Border suggestion!

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  • UI and Border suggestion!

    Border extending

    So first of all, it would be great if you could extend each map border by an extra 10-20% currently there is a lot of planetoids/Asteroids, resource rocks on the very edge of the map, making interacting with them very annoying and unpleasant. So if the map border was extended this would eliminate the problem, these are especially annoying in cruise missions that have a destination on the edge of the map.

    UI scaling

    Currently when you scale the game with CTRL + or - the UI scales with it, so if you want a zoomed out view of the game, the UI also scales with it and making it hard to view or read, unless you press your face up against the screen. I am not sure about other people, but I have no interest in pressing my face up against the screen while playing. If you could change the UI scaling separate from the map scaling or add a different setting for the UI size and resolution, it would make it a little better for people with different size monitors with higher or lower resolutions.
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