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Update Notice on April 27

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  • Update Notice on April 27

    Dear Captains,

    We will hold maintenance at 00:30, 2020-4-27 (PDT) on all servers, which will last about 2 hours. If maintenance is completed sooner than expected, the game will be available at an earlier time. Please stay tuned for further announcements.

    1. Two B-Ranked Ships have been added to each faction. As B-Ranked Ships will be unlocked through affiliate ship buildings, they cannot be raised. They will be put in the newbie tutorial stage. The former two A-Ranked Ships (one for dungeons and the other for technologies) in the newbie tutorial will be collected successively by players through gameplay. They will no longer be activated though 30 Debris offered directly to players.

    2. Some ships in the Exchange Shop will no longer be activated through debris. They will be unlocked through affiliate ship buildings. The redeemed debris can still be used for increasing star level.

    3. Due to the placement of B-Ranked Ships, the newbie tutorial missions have been changed (The main tutorial will stay unchanged. The instructions on how to receive the second and third ships have been changed).

    4. Since the ship release mode has been changed, the number of ship debris in the dungeon and Tech rewards will also be adjusted accordingly. Therefore, players can get complete ships more easily.

    5. Optimized the display order of affiliate ships: ships unlocked by buildings will be at the top of the list.

    6. Optimized the affiliate ship interface and improved the display of some tips, equipment levels and descriptions.

    7. When players complete a building or Tech event, a text notice will appear on the screen.

    8. Optimized the Sector Clash (Elite Dungeon) interface by adding a label of the monster’s faction (hostile faction).

    Thanks for your understanding.
    Star Trek Alien Domain: Incursion Team