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Bugs with World Boss and EXP Dungeon

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  • Bugs with World Boss and EXP Dungeon

    I recently noticed 2 bugs during my gameplay.

    1st one related with the world boss, where it says thatwe can only contest 1 of the bosses of the event (easy or hard) and we can actually attack both of them, as the hard one is getting killed faster, u can then join the easy boss and kill it aswell.

    2nd bug is related to the EXP dungeon. WHen clearing EXP dungeon to try to reach the boss, i noticed that sometimes if u go out to that feature to, for example try to lvl the gear, it makes u loose one of the 2 daily attemps on clearing it. This is one bug i noticed related to the EXP Dungeon (im not sure if it is an actual bug, or that the feature works this way, like if u dont clear alll at once, u loose 1 chance). Another thing realted to EXP Dungeon, was that it might happen that u clear one of the stages, lets say, A dificulty, and u go out, and then come back later to try to defeat the S dificulty; i noticed that even if the game hasnt been restarted (as if all the daily features can be done again, like Server safe or dont know, something like that, when the game is reset for a new day); and y try to defeat the S dificulty, it might say that u have already beated that stage but it doesnt allow u to continue further, so u cant fight against SS dificulty (for example)