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    I was hoping not to come back to this website but hey what can you do any way there is an issue with trying to rank up your PVP status to the next rank after getting enough arena points. I'm not sure if its just at this point of the rank or at all stages I am at rank 9-star royal mage and my next rank is royal mage chief. Sadly every time I click rank up I changed to the new title but when I go to claim the stat increase to secure this rank I cannot and then the next day my rank has been reset back to the 9-star royal mage which give me the chance to rank up again I do it and the same thing happens this has been going on for 5 days straight now and I'm worried about doing it to check if its fixed since it keeps resetting my arena points back to the point where I was able to upgrade which is wasting the new arena points that I am earning. The serve that I am on is S38- Sagittarius so I'm not sure if its server based or this is happening to anyone else but I hope the developers see this and fix this issue I love the game and wish on to continue playing it but for now ill just have to give up on ranking up till it is fixed by the way you guys are doing an amazing job with the game keep it up . I was going show a video but its too big to post showing you the issue but here is a screenshot instead of the issue doesn't show as much but you need to read the text that I have posted on this website. Hopefully you understand please fix soon
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