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Starsoul Spin - Not getting all starsoul rewards

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  • Starsoul Spin - Not getting all starsoul rewards

    There's been a few times now where I've spun in the starsoul game and felt like I didn't actually get what it said I was rewarded but I never managed to recall the exact number I had prior to that spin to verify this.

    This time around I paid more attention and as suspected, when I spun the game I was "rewarded" with 6 starsouls however, my number did not change from 930 from my previous spin to the 936 it should have been with this spin.

    This is the only one I can truly verify with my knowledge but now it has me curious just how many times this may have happened when I was playing as I feel this is not the first time I was not awarded the starsoul it said I won.
    6 starsouls can seem like nothing much but if it's 6 starsoul every single time I spin that I'm not getting and I spin at least 10-15 times a day then that adds up. Is there a way to look into this and see if this is happening repeatedly or am I expected to be out both the silver and the starsouls for this?

    Has anyone else noticed this happening to them?

    I'm playing on S1-Crocus
    Character name MaesFowler if you require said information to look into it.

    Any help with this is appreciated!

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    I've noticed this happen to me, but not because it it doesn't give me the starsouls. Sometimes my count goes up before the spin is even finished. So after my rewards appear on screen, when I check to see if my amount went up, it appears like it didn't since it already did while the wheel was still spinning.


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      I have seen that happen as well but this time it was definitely a situation where the number should have gone up but failed to. Just hope it's not happening all over the place or that it's a once in a while thing :/