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Vitality not charging

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  • Vitality not charging

    As the topic states, I'll expend the rest of my vit before logging off and come back the next day to what should be a full bar of vitality and instead have less than 20ish. This has happened twice now since I stopped logging in everyday during open beta to avoid burning out. Is this happening to anyone else?

    ​Edit: I'm using the max energy I have left to auto play/run? Bosses, not sure if that factors into anything.

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    Normally you gain 6 vitality for 1 hour. When you do auto battle,your vitality is not remove until auto-battle is done. so it normal if you found that you dont have a lot of vitality if you was log off for few hours.


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      60 auto battles takes an hour. I log into the game lately around 1am for daily/tag boss a few times. In the span of 24 hours, sometimes more I should be back at over 100 vit. The first time it happened, apparently I didn't log in the day (missed a day) so more time had passed and I was shocked to find that I had less than 20 or so vit which should've been completely full. Then it happened again earlier this week. I'm just wondering if some users experienced this considering its taking them some time to fix other bugs. Some users claim they can reincarnate Reedus a second time while others still can't. Lucky this is still open beta, since bugs like these had caused devs in other games to quit. Dragon ball online is an example.

      ​Edit: Ran auto-battle 1:30am, ended at 2:30am, logged in at 6:30pm 16hours later and I have 53vitality. If you gain 6vit per hour, I should have around 96.

      ​Edit 2: After paying a bit more attention, it might be bugged recharging while I'm offline. When I'm logged into the game I regain vit normally. Gained 3 during wave event which would match 6/1hr. I didn't log into the game at all yesterday and today I only had 74 vit.
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