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GameSamba Official Forum and Game Rules

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  • GameSamba Official Forum and Game Rules

    Applies to all who post on GameSamba forums, or play in GameSamba games.

    Forum and Game Rules

    [*]NO Ruining the game for others
    This is defined as, but not limited to, PKing your own team mate, blocking/preventing another player from completing a quest/continuing their gameplay/leveling. Any action that causes another player or players to be disrupted from their normal gameplay, or any action that goes against the spirit or intent of the game. The GM's are the final arbiters in all situations in the game servers and on the forums, if they believe a player is causing others to be disrupted in their game play for ANY reason, the GM has the right and duty to stop the player. In the worst cases of this scenario, the player may be removed from the server and even banned, if their transgression is bad enough.
    [*]NO Illegal Selling/Trading:
    You may not advertise the intent to or commit the act of buying, selling, trading, sharing, or transferring access to any GamesSamba account. You may not sell, buy or trade characters or items. Any advertising regarding trading of characters or items on the forums may be deleted without notification. GameSamba is not responsible for any problems caused by illegal trading, selling or buying of characters or items.
    [*]NO Flaming:
    Do not post, message, or email with the intent of harassing (in any way), threatening, or "flaming" any other members or guests to the GameSamba forums. This includes insulting and SHOUTING.
    [*]NO Spamming:
    Do not post, message, or email any other members or visitors the same message more than once for any reason unless given strict permission from a site administrator. Do not send purposeful spam to members on these forums for reasons of solicitation.
    [*]NO Trolling:
    Do not post, message, or email any other member or visitor with the intent of starting an argument or a dispute, including posts with no purpose or relevance to the current topic. This includes SHOUTING.
    [*]NO Discriminations:
    Do not post any messages to other members or visitors that are racist, sexist, vulgar, obscene, or discriminatory (in any way). (including posts, pms, emails, links, signatures, images, etc.) Please use discretion and always be conservative. If you aren't sure, then it is probably best to use a different way to convey your thoughts.
    [*]NO Blacklisting
    Do not make post, start a thread, or have a conversation with other players names in it if in anyway it is negative. No one should be targeted, attacked, or discriminated against for any reason. This also includes all GameSamba staff and any partner(s) of GameSamba.
    [*]NO Offensive Posts or Imagery:
    Do not post, message, or email any other member or visitor anything that contains or is relevant to any of the following:
    a. Nudity or any kind of pornography.
    b. Obscenities or anything our staff or users may find unacceptable.
    c. Any substance or material that is widely known as inappropriate, illegal or anything as such found inappropriate by the GameSamba staff.
    d. Text that is too small for the average reader to view without modification. This includes font sizes smaller than 85.

    This includes signatures, avatars, photos, videos, anything.

    Sigs: Signatures used in our forums may not be wider than 700 pixels or taller than 200 pixels. Failure to adhere to this rule may result in your signature being removed and a warning placed on your account. In addition, all images posted on the forum must be no wider than 700 pixels wide.
    [*]Game Access
    GameSamba publishes games in regions where it has a legal license to do so. Users outside of these regions may be blocked by IP# or otherwise, to prevent access by players who GameSamba does not have rights to service. Any user caught violating this regional restriction through the use of POPs, proxies or any other technical method may be banned without warning by the GM team.

    [*]Unauthorized Advertising:
    Do not post threads or in threads specifically about any game that is not managed or owned specifically by GameSamba. Never post about 3rd party products in our forums that you have not asked and been given permission to post about.
    [*]Always Respect and Regard Our Staff:
    The staff here at GameSamba work really hard to ensure you have a great gaming experience.
    We ask that you be mindful of this and please speak politely to us at all times.
    Please try to avoid all vulgar and obscene language that is offensive or has any negative intentions. Our staff will decide context-wise what is acceptable and what is not, but try to keep it PG to PG-13 for the most part. Please respect all other members of these forums.
    Do not post in or bump a thread that is out-of-date of date or simply old. Our staff will decide if a bump or post is unnecessary and any "necro-posts" will be deleted on sight.
    Clarification: if you bump a thread with USEFUL info in it, or the info is being updated by you, then it is ok to refresh an old thread. Please simply DO NOT bump a thread to increase your post count, as this is considered blatant necro-posting.
    [*]Use the Search Option:
    When you have a question or you're looking for information, please try to use the search function located at the top of the page to see if someone has already posted about your topic.
    [*]Copyright Laws:
    Do not post, message, email, or put anything up on this or any site owned or operated by GameSamba that breaks or violates any national or international copyright laws. Doing so will resort in the immediate deletion of said action and an impending penalty or removal of an account in violation.
    What happens when I break a rule?
    When you have recognizably broken a rule and are caught you will face the penalty of the moderator/admin who has caught you to whatever degree he/she feels necessary, within our moderation guidelines. We believe in fair punishment and we have the right to post deletion/movement/editing, thread removal/movement/editing, and temporary or permanent suspension at any time without notice or warning. GameSamba Admins are the final arbiters in all situations arising from an incident related to a Community Account.

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    quando abrira o Fairy tail?


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      hi =) wondering if possible update for OBT?