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    I understand that this game lets you sit back and watch the combat going on, but it's hardly a game if that's the cause. I know it would be a lot more work for you guys to do, but implementing a more interactive game-play will satisfy most of us at the least if not make us happy. Also to be VIP to skip a battle makes no sense to me because you have to watch a battle to see how you're team is doing, why not just make it a level requirement or add a speed x2 at a level requirement? But to have a hardly interactive game especially as a next generation PC game is barely worthy to be called a game, and the story itself is barely understandable if someone has not watched Fairy Tail before. Also having the ability have a spare line-up on the side with a limited number of wizards, and being able to take them into battle but prior to have the ability to change the line-up and swap out characters to better adapt to the opponent's players or enemy bots would be preferable.

    If there's anything you guys would like to comment about or add, or even take out of the combat system, leave a comment below!

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    I do agree that at lvl 40 or above we should get combat speed x2 and by auto it start with x1 speed with option to select AUTO or use skills as you want.

    Another thing would be, that you can use skills as you want beside auto ranked arena, just soo it makes it fair, since you fight bot there.
    There should be beside ranked arena that we have now, matching pvp events or matching arena where you can fight using skills on your own.

    If you want that people enjoy the game, you should consider this.


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      Sorry, but I lurked more about this game and while I'm assuming you're playing this with the thought that it's an RPG, it's actually a strategy game with RPG-esque elements, which explains why the battle system is automated and you can only control your character outside the battle, like choosing skills or moving with mouse clicks. So, looks like they don't have plans on changing this.


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        A retreat button would be nice in case you're at a draw or set up your team wrongly. Waiting 20 rounds when it becomes evident that nothing will happen in the first few rounds is, in my opinion, a waste of time.