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  • Nitpicks, annoyances, things to be inspired from other games, etc

    So it's kind of unfair to judge this game in the first few days, or so one day, but it doesn't really have any impact and there are many flaws that are not server issues...
    More-Rant-than-Suggestions Suggestions:
    1. The game doesn't feel like a game, it's basically click and be forced to watch a fight that's all determined before the fight even begins. Why? Enter a fight, crash due to server issues, and reload and whoa the fights over and I won. Not a lot of gameplay, just more of watch and tedious activities. There's little to no strategy, compared to Naruto Online where you have to use your skills at certain times to change the tides of battle. Basically Auto battle is stupid if there is no grind, ex. grinding for material, or laziness of the player to play due to an easy fight or etc.

    2. Leveling, what the hell is the point of levels if you blitz through them so easily. Locking content by level so you can force players to go through a super linear path to slowly unlock things is super BORING! For an "RPG" you kind of have to earn that level. It's a good trick to get players to keep playing, but once you start slowing down exp then many people are just gonna drop the game due to their expectations of leveling.

    3. The linearity is lame, linerity not well hidden is lame. Either hide that linearity better or tone it down. Ex. Star-signs, quests, a lot of this game.

    4. Things don't change much from CBT, so if this game stays the way it is this game is gonna be just as bad as the other games that are played like this.

    1. Don't make characters obsolete, give the F2P an option but don't make them so weak/useless. Like in FateGrandOrder, many of the 1-2 stars (max 5) are great, free, and easy to get and eventually gets slightly-boosted over time to make them stronger with power creep, through skill strengthening or craft essences because they're usually REALLY good if used right anyways. MobiusFinalFantasy has hall of fame which makes older jobs relevant again and Naruto Online has skill books. This goes more for story mode and not PVP.

    2. Pity Bonus, basically if you draw x times and get nothing good then you get a pity bonus scoring you something good. Don't do it like NarutoOnline where it's gated, forcing pay players to spend hundreds of dollars to get one character, this pushes away a lot of F2P players that you need for the P2W players to play. I'd say take notes from FateGrandOrder(FGO), MobiusFF, and TalesOfTheRay in which ToTR and FGO both have a draw 10 get a guaranteed 3 star unit or 4 star weapon. Mobius has a pity in which you get a job after not getting one randomly after 8 pulls. Generosity makes people more willing to pay, especially if their luck has been bad. I know that these are mobile games, but their gacha games so they are similar. Looking at FireEmblemHeroes, knowing the rates and having them rise after unsuccessful attempts is also nice.

    3. Don't make Buying power so easy for P2W, sure pay a bit to get a bit stronger but giving them too much power is gonna push many players away ASAP.

    4. Tone down the UI, it takes up a lot of the screen.

    5. Look into multiple types of games and not games similar to this, uniqueness is heavily needed with what we have now so it's good to take notes for other games.
    Really ranty I know, but this game is not looking so hopeful. You can be as delusional as you want, but that's just you're own suffering in the future. A fairy tail skin of bleach online doesn't mean it's good, an official version doesn't mean it's good, heavy simplicity or complexity doesn't make the game good, great gameplay and trust of the players/fanbase is needed to make the game good. Sure, "WOOHOO LOTS OF CHARACTERS!" which many people won't get and many become obsolete and wasted, so be mindful that quantity does not equal quality.

    Don't use Fairytail's name to make a crappy quick-cash grab game if that's your intention, it's insulting and disgusting if that's the case.

    If other's want to rant their suggestions or pick out the ridiculousness of mine in this thread, go ahead it's good for me to see many view points and understand what the community think instead of what I compare from other games.

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    This game will be dead in no time if it stay like this, 20-50 p2w players on each server or even less it's hard as hell to get silver.... the most common easily obtainable items in this type of games, yeah this is a re-skin of bleach online and a bad one too i'd say that even bleach online is leagues above of this(and im talking about a bad game) at least even as f2p you can reach top 10 in most every game of this type, the things i saw made me understand that this game is as p2w as naruto or maybe even more than naruto online and that's saying a fucking lot. Also they lied to us on our faces like were donkeys or so, they said f2p and p2w will be ''balanced'' now i think how? this game is even more p2w than bleach online xD how in the hell is that balanced? haha when this game is fully launched i hope it has some serious changes otherwise this game will not last that long and these guys will feel shame for using such a great thing as fairy tail to fill their damn pockets... i was expecting this game to be better than unlimited ninja, db online, bleach online and the likes of those i didn't care if it was auto or not but im hugely dissapointed because those bad games feels far more superior than this now :/
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      The amount of spam that comes up from events fills 50% of the screen you can't even see what your looking at. The actual game screen is to damn small. You need to enlarge the screen. This isn't a phone game use the resolution of a monitor


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        Main problem is that players hoped for a combat system like Naruto Online where your timing matters not just power but what we got was a combat system what is used by those browser games what don't have licence to characters and result are know as soon battle starts.
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          Originally posted by namebot View Post
          Main problem is that players hoped for a combat system like Naruto Online where your timing matters not just power but what we got was a combat system what is used by those browser games what don't have licence to characters and result are know as soon battle starts.
          Can you really call it a combat system? Its more like simple math haha. If A>B A wins


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            This game has as much hope as the players are buying it for, companies like this can care less for the f2p side as they don't donate money to make the game "grow." Actually I don't even know if you can say this game will grow, because the more p2w players the less f2p players, which means less feedback. A very small amount of p2w players wil give their feedback because well they're paying to win, this involves no type of strategy, it's honestly a waste of time, you lose brains cells from this game you don't improve your strategic thinking nor do you hardly work on you mathematics or logical thinking. You pay you win, if you lose, you pay more to win how hard is that? for the free 2 play, well it's harder for them because it's more time consuming than actually having a challenge. It's not interesting at all... Sorry but that's my true opinion, I've watched countless videos of this game and I've started to play myself, honestly, I'd rather go back to Naruto Online, at least there I'll be putting some useful skills into some purpose...