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New suggestion/adjustement/fixed that i propose to make this game better

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  • New suggestion/adjustement/fixed that i propose to make this game better

    In game suggestion

    New characters (top up characters/bar characters) ( would be nice if actual mage that are bugged could be fixed)

    New pets (and maybe increase pet LV limit, because atm on my side i have 180 aries shard that i cannot sell,trade,give,or upgrade)

    New design (we need more design for better stats, and would be cool to get access to others mage form (like mirajane who have 4 different form in game)

    New Quest (after LV 96 no more quest, i am lv 107, someone lv 108)

    New trials (after LV 90 no more trials, and starting quest lv 90 we don't even receive stones to make gear 90, so atm trials 90 useless because cant forge those gear)
    New dungeon LV (after reaching 80, there is no new dungeon, we should get more)

    More chest in Tenrou Trial ( we have the possibility to reach 440 points, but only have chest up to 170, would be nice to get more option, also if you could make characters rotation in tenrou, like add mira, erza, kagura, ikaruga, yoshino,cobra in this rotation would be good too(because we only have gajeel and lucy)

    Fix Conquest chest (after claiming the conversion amulet in the chest, it do not reset after clearing it the next day, we need to actually spend gold to reset it manually then buy it again, it shoudl reset every day!!!)

    Adjust 2nd origin (i would recommend to make a special shop for this, we can trade marks/cumulate points then buy what we need, make price depending on the mark quality, would be a good option to have)

    Adjust Ex . gear ( so for some characters we need only 3 stone tu buy ex gear shards, for others characters we need 5 stones for ex gear shards. I was able to compared max stats for both quality characters, and the conclusion is deceiving, the mages that need 3 stones to get a ex gear shards at max lv have more stats then the characters that need 5 stones to get that ex gear shards. In facts, mages that need 1030 ex shards to be max lv have better stats then mages need 1730 ex shards to get max lv, in my opinion that should not be the case, since its take a lot more time/golds investment in those characters)

    Fix/adjust Element (I know this is the point of that event, element should be strong, but atm, there is not enough content into the game to make us be able to succeed it, adjust element power (or make us able to use pvp stats for it) , would be nice if element was fixed, because starting to earth floor, fight do not launch, so we cannot progress in this even if we could clear it normally, but bugs prevent us doing so.

    Here some information about element

    in this picture we can see all element, with how much we need to complete a single character, with how much days we need to get those, considering the fact that we can claim 5 daily for free,you can agree with me that kinda a lots of time for collecting for 1 mage only, now imagine 5 mages....
    i would suggest for element 3 solutions
    1: make nature element available via top up ( we can receive some when top up with some events) why do i suggest that? nature element are good for every element
    2:for every element we clear, we should get more element on daily claim going with the cost of that element
    example : fire element free claim 5 / wind element free claim 10 / water element free claim 15 / earth element free claim 20 and go on for every type of element.
    3: add a shop for element, we exchange element for what we need based on element , value will increase/decrease

    And finally add new events in game (content not top up) we need more to do otherwise, the game will always feel empty (more cross server event )
    on that topic just ask us what we suggest, and we could come with a lot of suggestion!!!

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    Nice. But I have to add some more things, like adjust "Auction" function to link the items in my bag to the warehouse (through adding "Allocate" option, besides use and sell), for the sake of F2P players like me.