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Magical Wizards And Where To Find Them (Raine's partner/team building tips)

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  • Magical Wizards And Where To Find Them (Raine's partner/team building tips)

    Disclaimer: This guide/collection of tips may change fairly drastically sometime during or after CBT depending on various factors surrounding partner wizards. Everything written here will go by the assumption that you are using the most up-to-date gear available to you and are keeping it maxed out. Things like legendary equipment that may come up later on in the game will not be considered as its generally unrealistic for anyone but mid-heavy spenders to reliably equip such powerful sets to everybody.

    Just The Tip(s):

    1. When building your team one of the biggest factors is what kind of formation you want to use. What your formation will look like varies depending on what you want you're doing, pvp or pve. Typically the most common and safest formation to use for most things is a 2-2-1 formation; 2 support, 2 assault, 1 vanguard. This formation gives you a decent core of damage between your main and another damage dealer and some variety of buffs and debuffs from the support line. Alternatively doing a 3-1-1 formation is a solid choice for strictly pvp as the support line tends to be the most powerful deciding factor and having an extra source of stun/debuff can make a bigger impact on a fight than the extra damage could, but this kind of formation usually doesn't shine until far later in the game when there are more supports available with more powerful effects. Final note about formations; once you're powerful enough, its not uncommon to see people give up their vanguard line entirely for a 2-3 formation when doing pve related events like boss fights where the tank doesn't make a difference due to instant kill effects raid bosses tend to have.

    2. As with most things, who to put in your support line depends on if you're going for more pvp or pve potential. Generally some kind of stun or heavy debuff effect that can strip an opponent of their ability to fightback effectively for a turn or two is important in pvp. A healer+stunner is usually the best combo for the support line in pvp unless you're ahead of the server curve and find yourself to be more powerful than most of your immediate competition then you can give up the healer entirely for a damage buffer. For pve you'll always aim to have a damage buffer and someone who can grant fury to your whole party to use their skills more often.

    3. Picking out who will be on the assault line is far easier than picking your supports, generally whoever can hit the hardest is the best choice. However its not always that simple as some assaulters will seem to do less damage on paper but have some kind of extra effect as part of their skills. These extra effects usually take the form of a buff (either strictly for themselves or rarely for the the whole formation) or interact with fury in some way. Fury affecting skills from the assault usually either restore a fraction of their own fury, remove fury from enemies, or completely restore their own fury to spam their abilities. Total fury restoration skills usually come with aoe skills that hit the whole formation but do less than normal basic attack damage to compensate.

    4. Vanguards don't really require much thought, its a big tanky guy who keeps your backlines from getting hit by enemies. However its still worth mentioning that there are usually two types of vanguards; Pure Tank Vanguards and Damage Vanguards. As their name suggests, vanguards dedicated purely to tanking tend to do poor damage but have self buffs that make them very hard to hit or greatly reduce the damage they take, they are the safest choice of vanguard and the most commonly found. The damage vanguards tend to operate more like an assault character, boasting incredibly high levels of damage but can't take as much damage as a pure tank could. Usually you won't use a damage vanguard until you have very high level defensive gems and strong gear to equip them with to cover for their lower defensive abilities. As a bonus, damage vanguards also let you continue to use a 2-2-1 formation during raid boss events without lowering your damage potential from lacking the 3rd assault wizard.

    5. Though it doesn't seem to relate to team building at first, what fury ability you choose to bring into battle on your main can have some impact on your party choices. The ability you choose will slightly change the role your main serves on your team, some abilities will provide buffs or debuffs while others focus on pure damage output. The best option for pve is to take whatever your hardest hitting skill is to maximize your damage output against the world boss. For pvp the best skill depends on what buffs or debuffs you need for your team comp, this choice also will decide if you want to go down the attack type or defense type rout. I suggest taking a few minutes to look over the skill options for both paths and see what synergy the skills might have with your desired team strategy before committing your points.
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