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    Kirito here ! ( S4 )

    ​To All the S(4) ICE players

    ​What's up everybody,

    ​I'm not sure how many people view Guilds in S4 but on the ICE side , I'm gathering as many actives I can in my guild ( WizardSaints ) . The rotation between kicking - recruiting is really high.. But, there is some requirements for the guild. I'll type up some requirements & a brief description on why they are required! Happy FairyTailing!


    ​MUST BE LEVEL 40+ - If you expect to be level 19 & get into the highest active guild in the server, you got to be kidding yourself. It's easy to level to at least 35-40 in the first day of playing the game without VIP or buying STAMINA to use for instances.

    ​MUST HAVE 40k CP AT LEAST - CP is not a problem especially when you hit level 40. You get 4 people into your formation & all they have to have is at least 10k CP. This shouldn't be an issue and its just a small requirement. Once you hit 45 you get a bigger increase in CP cause of the 5th in formation!

    ​Lastly comes the ACTIVE MEMBERS, This is the most IMPORTANT REQUIRMENT ! I LOVE SEEING ACTIVE MEMBERS, By all means if you have something come up & you don't know if you are going to be online for a couple days... PLEASE SEND ME MAIL! It's not that hard to send mail in the game & its a nice feature. I hope this doesn't ask for a lot but I give the benefit of the doubt. 4 days in-activity = kick! I know the guild times aren't always accurate & also a bit buggy but if it says Offline for a long time.. Then honestly that's all that is needed for the KICK!

    ​GOOD LUCK on APPLYING & I'll see you in game!