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    in regards to S-14 Bajor. As of now there is only 5 active players in S-14 , with only one klingon. in the beginning there were many, many have quit the game . Now sector 2 is full. sector 1 has only 2 spots available . with that , no one can join ( Klingon ) the sector. don't know it anyone is trying , but if there is, they cannot . we need new players in s-14 badly. Is there any way to clean out old and inactive players ?

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    The simple answer is no. The cannot levitate players accounts in any area because it would be a breach of their own rules. We all suffer from this as players do not move or get fed up with the game and quit.

    Easy way to resolve an issue is to get to know the Feds and ask them to clear all sectors below sector 14 so new Klingon's can use the planets. We did this on my server and anybody that joins the server does not get attacked planet side until they hit sector 19+, if they are attacked at all. Levitating small planets helps everybody not just new players.

    Sorry but the answer is, clear spaces yourself for other players to join. Not what you want to hear but working together always helps a server.