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Mini client won't let me log into the game

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  • Mini client won't let me log into the game

    I just keep getting a logo telling me to uninstal flashplayer. It is already uninstalled. I spent money yesterday, if this is the end of the game, I want a refund.

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    Thank you for your feedback.
    Please check whether your anti-virus software has intercepted the mini client. Some anti virus software regards flash player has virus risk after Dec.31. Please allow it and try again.


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      found help from game helper..and now working again
      just redownload and instal latest wersion :


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        I uninstalled flashplayer, the mini client keeps telling me to uninstall it after I already uninstalled it. I have no flashplayer and no virus risk. I also already installed the new mini client.


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          The only anti virus software I am using id windows defender.


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            Here's a screenshot of the thumbnail logo appearing in the mini client
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              In order to get it working I had to do a clean reinstall of the mini-client and this seems to have got it working.
              Specifically, I had to delete the folder C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Programs\Star Trek Alien Domain
              AppData is a hidden folder so if you are using Windows default settings you will need to turn on "Show hidden files and folders" before you can delete the STAD folder.
              You will know if this folder still exists because if it does it will tell you during the installation.


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                doesn't help with Mac version


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                  Hello Captain,

                  New Version 2.0.37 is released and fix that problem. Please exit the client and open again to auto updating to the newest version

                  Download the Mini-client Here:

                  This is only for Window players. For Mac, we are still fixing this issue.

                  Please accept our apology for any trouble it brings. Should you still have any problem please feel free to contact us again.



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                    Originally posted by queenhecate View Post
                    doesn't help with Mac version
                    Please try changing the data on your computer back to the year 2020. this is a basic work around until there is an update for Mac's