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September Update from the VP

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  • September Update from the VP

    Hello Everyone,

    I am so happy you could be here to join me on this momentous monetary day, September 30th. I am quite distraught as the recently hurricanes have proven to be a major inconvenience to my normal vacationing plans, and unfortunately have been forced to return to the Office to address any and all active players who remain obedient, errr loyal to our errr my cause.

    Let's start off with the current event, we've received countless feedback from our Paypal account that it was successful. We understand your complaints regarding the low D drop and it's impact on you, however, we are pleased to offer elite sweeps at a non-discounted price at anytime, day or night. I am also pleased to re-introduce the former 4 star special event officers. It was strongly suggested that we bring 'em back and CHA CHING. So we deeply appreciate your commitment to upgrading them, and look forward to further announcements on the 6 STAR CONCEPT that we are hardly working on but ready to launch!

    According to my monthly stats, it seems the number of emails to our fantastic Support folks has declined significantly. I would like to thank our Support Department for ensuring they provide the best worst possible service and a big thank you to our inactive players for ensuring they rethink their attempts to email support when it's something unimportant like loss of an item or the game not working. Our Support department is 100% committed to ensuring the Billing system remains active 100% of the time and are not always ready to handle lesser issues. We understand your appreciate this and will continue to ask for as many screen shots as we don't need to properly leave your inquiry unfulfilled.

    We understand that a limited number of our players are experiencing issues with skills not firing, skills not loading, destroyed before entering battle and many other similar experiences. I'd like to take a moment to assure you we are tweaking this to ensure a more valuable experience for our Ultra platinum elite customers.

    I look forward to the announcement of some new, fantastic hot or not fixes next month along with some amazing events that will simply have you throwing your credit card across the internet!

    Until next time, keep a fat wallet and have fun!

    Mike Hunt
    VP of Your Wallet

    P.S. Here at the game we do wish to ensure the safety and security if our valued clients. If you do receive an email claiming to be from "The Game" asking for personal info, such as Credit Card # and expiry date, please rest assured it is us reaching out to you!

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    I Need more D