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Corona virus please stay safe

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  • Corona virus please stay safe

    To all those who play online games please be careful as you play.


    1, Make sure your Screen is clean, so have plenty of disinfected screen wipes, just in case.
    2, have those little extra Toilet rolls, 300+, just so you have enough for the 30 day isolation, in front of your monitor.
    3, have hundreds of Pot Noodles (snack food) bread, rice, pasta, milk, eggs, and flower just in case all of the other food in your freezer hasn't been eaten.
    4, if the power goes out it is not the end of the world.

    Please add to this list of items what people should have just in case the corona virus Ends Life as we know it... and yes this is a fun post and NOT serious.

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    1. Back up generator for when the power does go out.
    2. 30 days supply of your beverage of choice. (AKA) to help your mind relax
    3. A wife that cooks for you.
    4. A wife that has to go to work because she is considered essential.


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      Just curious, where is ingame help


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        Day 31. Making up Meme's on Discord for a little bit of fun.

        Day 32, feeding the ducks in my bathroom. Found them around my toilet looking at the 487 toilet rolls I have left from my 500 roll shopping. Toilet Ducks were hungry they munched through one roll all by themselves the little buggers, now only 486 rolls.

        DANGER if you use toilet Duck, they will make off with your toilet rolls and sell them for fire papers. Toilet Duck with the yellow tops.

        Danger of the Duck.



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          16761828211 This is spam and there really should be the button Flag on every post in this forum and other forums.
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            Originally posted by 45914879307 View Post

            16761828211 This is spam and there really should be the button Flag on every post in this forum and other forums.
            There is a flag button on your post and every post in this thread and every thread on the forum, I see them every time I delete posts. Do not worry I do get to them and ban all spammers and people who abuse they rules.


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              People Please remember this thread is not about people dying, not about taking the piss about death, or anything like what Udeer has stated.

              This post is where people can comment about their Toilet paper walls or war's they have, its about feeding the duck toilet cleaning products toilet paper, its about bringing a bit of fun and spirit to the forum and not unhappiness.

              Everybody world wide has been effected, and yes most people have lost friends, family or close ones. We have spent most part locked away in our own little prison cells hoping for a break. This is why this is here, so people have have some fun instead of being upset and down. People can post MEME's and jokes about what makes them laugh.

              This thread will not be used to attack people who are no longer with us, or to make fun of anybody. Posts should be funny not abusive or in bad taste


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                Good advice


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                  Day 392.

                  Wishing I didn't buy so much toilet paper last year. 400 rolls left and no end then its sand paper.

                  Going on holiday this year, been told I do not need to be in a 2 meter square when in the ocean, which is a good thing as I am going Diving. Note to self, disinfect masks and equipment, do not want the fish to catch anything.

                  Was thinking of a train ride to coast but may need a Covid passport, and really I have enough of the Customs guys laughing at the airport, I really don't want another photo of me going around.

                  At least the world will open up in a few years, and maybe I may use up all of this toilet paper