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When playing STAD... Soundtrack, TV show, Theme music...

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  • When playing STAD... Soundtrack, TV show, Theme music...

    My fav soundtrack is Grease, TV show is any episode from STNG, theme music is Thunderstruck... Kind of curious what motivation do you use when your killing the enemy?

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    The glorious sounds of weapons fire is all I need !


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      lol... That and the sound of progress finally

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    hmm ... I wonder if anyone has yet ran into the toilet with their laptop because of an emergency ... umm ... warp core ejection ... would it be possible for any resulting sounds to be considered as "motivational"?


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      Yeah i don't listen to much in this game, don't really need it... unlike when I was playing Q3A Freeze-tag, all railgun instagib... that was probably the fastest paced game (1st person shooter) ever on the internet... attached is a video a buddy put together using clips from our clan matches. The straight lines you'll see are the "Railgun" shots, which make a "cow bell" sound when it hits someone & it can go thru as many people that you can manage to line up in your sights, in a row, lol. The lightning beam you'll see is a grapple hook that's being used to climb walls & swing around with... & if you knew how to suppress a strafe jump, you could do some pretty wild moves... Anywho, there was teams, like 10 vrs 10 red/blue, & the object was for one team to freeze the entire opposing team to earn a team point, 1st team to accumulate predetermined amount won... players stayed frozen for 3 min.s unless a teammate thawed them by standing right beside them, for about 3 seconds, while dodging shots, trying not to get frozen next to them, lol