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War poems. Titled: I am the bringer of death.

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  • War poems. Titled: I am the bringer of death.

    My ship is mighty my fleet strong,
    When in battle I can do no wrong,
    The sound of me crushing your hull with my lasers,
    As I fire over and over my phasers,
    I rip through quick and fast,
    your ships crew screaming like a voice from the past,
    make no mistake I'll fight till my last breath,
    For I am the bringer of death....
    Klingons beware run and hide,
    For many of your comrades have already died,
    I hear stovokor calling your name...
    ​Now go because I am the baddest in this game.

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    Lol nice poem there


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      Thank you. On some other games I have played we used to write epics and I thought it might provide a chance to put into writing how a player perceives their style of game play or maybe just a chance to write their own story. I would really be interested in seeing others creativity I hope others will take time to post something her while they wait for builds, deut, or just want a break from the game.


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        I am a silly person who did something wrong. The powers that be came down on my head and not it has been squashed.
        As I lay dying on the floor they pressed deep into my heart. BANNED for spam/Advertising/unsafe links.
        The pain of the big rubber stamp hurts my whole body and I can no longer stand,
        But knowing there are people in this forum who spot people like me, my banned posts will speak no more.
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          Nice poem. It was epic!