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  • Homework about StarTrek

    Hi guys!

    I am new here and I´ve seen only 2 old StarTrek movies (and all the super new ones). I´m on a german college and I have to write a (13pages long) homework about the comparison of the first and second generation.
    I dont know that much about StarTrek but it´s quite interesting
    If you could tell me about different (mission)amis, depicted inventions (like Voyager6), different spaceshuttles/actors/meanings,....

    I hope there are some of you who can help me

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    This side is the german version of pretty much all there is about Star Trek.

    If you talk about the sitcom the original crew had 2 seasons and it was the 5 year mission of exploring space.
    The next or new generation pretty much had the same mission outlined just with newer technology.

    Form this overview you would need to break it down pieve by piece. One of the most obvious change would be Kirk being
    more the warrior typ and scoundrel while Picard would be a very good diplomat.
    There is also a list of who did how many first contact missions and so on.

    Movie based this topic is rather diffucult since the political state was very different in the old and new movie setup as would the enemies


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      Seems the main difference is in the time line during Kirks days not as much space had been explored so there were lots of encounters with hostile species such as Klingons and Romulans until lines had been drawn. Now during Picards day exploration had not only reached far beyond those areas but time had passed and encounters were common so fighting among the most of the humanoid races had been reduced to minor skirmishes or personal vendettas. This could be one of the reasons why the captains were so different just as in the past or early American history when America was still mostly unsettled men and women were rougher and had a harder exterior it took a different type of person to forge ahead and blaze a path than it does to walk one already in place. During Kirk's time the Federation was young and compared to other space faring races barely out of its infancy. Our only real allies were the Vulcans. We were the new kid on the block and as such untested and an unknown quantity. By the time Picard came along we were a power in several quadrants and had top of the line craft to back our policies. Wars had been settled. Allies and alliances in place. New technology had come into being and with the invention of the replicator there was no longer a need to resupply as much or with the same type of supplies. During Kirks days starships were bare bones because of they were small underpowered and not capable of performing all the task that the starships in Picards era are. Take for instance the type of missions since there was no wasted room on Kirks enterprise there was no 10 forward, no spacious guest quarters, and no holodecks... so there was little diplomacy involved in Kirks life that didn't involve phasers. Due to space limitations of the starships there was less crew overall to man Kirk's Enterprise and so less time for leisure activities and travel was required in almost every case and full disembarkation was needed by the entire crew at the same place for shore time or vacation where for Picard's crew you could simply go anyplace and any time for vacation without ever leaving the ship or there were several shuttle craft which could be used and they could achieve warp of at least warp 2 which meant travel time away from the ship was greatly reduced. Both captains are men of their time and did what the times required they worked with the technology available as for the men themselves they were more alike than they were different and had the ability to inspire complete loyalty from their crew.


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        Don't be so lazy and do your own homework and research.


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          He is doing his own homework but he want to get information from people who are star trek fans for more information. He not asking anyone to write his paper. He just want a bit of information that he having a hard time understanding.


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            True besides, there are many who love to talk about and debate all things star trek related and like to teach and help others who are interested and share similar enjoyment in star trek.


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              My previous comment was in jest...
              Do you not appreciate good Klingon humour?