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Do you have a funny Star Trek Story

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  • Do you have a funny Star Trek Story

    Do you have a Shot story which is Star Trek based. You do not have to be a scholar to an Author to write a short story.

    If there is a good turnout we may be able to see if we can make some kind of Fan based competition going where Readers would vote on their favourite story. No Promises.

    I know there are a lot of players out there who have great stories to tell, and I mean good clean Star Trek stories.

    It would be a Great idea if people could create something others may enjoy.

    Good Luck and Good writing to one and all.


    Try and keep the Story to the max of 3 posts on a Thread, Title of the story, and three posts within that newly created Thread (a New thread which you Publish your story).
    Also, complete the story before posting, and please remember young people may read these stories so no bad language or it will be removed, Fair warning.

    **Moderators will judge the language used in the story and will either ask for words to be changed or remove story totally.**

    Please do not be put off as it is meant to be fun.
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