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  • 38264689579
    Thanks to whoever started this , i been sayn this for over a year, add another faction

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  • plici007
    But Borgs are here...B at the end of fleet strength

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  • 48319759169
    uns was ist draus geworden? nix, weil die Entwickler lieber ihrer Strategie viel sehr viel und noch mehr Geld zu machen, sich ihr Leben einfach zu gestallten und lieber nur Schiffe und Offz raus bringen, braucht man ja auch nix für zu machen alle Daten vorhanden und nen bissel am Quell Code schreiben. Den Entwicklern ist die eigentliche Spielfreude an diesem Spiel schon längst egal da ja außer teuren Offz und Schiffen hier nix kommt. Schade andere Spiele machen es doch vor warum wird hier nix an neuen Inovationen gemacht ?

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  • 751262705693
    I so agree with this. That there should be a "Borg" in this game and instead of going against a renegade - we should be fighting the Borg Queen as the boss battle.

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  • 47501740797
    You know I seen a complaint about the timeline and the Borg not having a collective anymore... This might be true and might not be true... As in the story line it is in life and on this game. You only know what you know - thus who says the Borg don't have a collective still? The universe is a huge place and with alternate universes and other dimensions there could be an infinite number of Borgs and Borg collectives which are connected or completely separate collectives. Until Q first brought the Federation into contact with the Borg we didn't even know they existed so it is until we encounter another one that we wouldn't know they existed either... As apparently they do exist though since Humbled has created them and they appear on my screen now... Sometimes Humbled just needs to stop vising other dimensions and universes lol... Nice work Humbled any expansion to the story line is good it keeps it alive and gives players options. Just don't be trying to assimilate me.

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  • Humbled
    Phase 6: The Borg Collective Ship


    The first looks at The Borg Collective Ship in Fluidic Sector. Every faction
    has a ship & now it is time to assimilate as The Borg Collective resistances
    is futile!

    Players will be able to see & move around as The Borg Collective while in
    Fluidic System's or Sectors. The purpose of The Borg Collective Ship is to
    be able to move around & duel as you play with the chosen faction.

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  • Slybek
    Humbled, you are generally a pain in my ass.
    However, it is quite evident that you have put a lot of thought and energy into this ...

    KUDOS !!! Good job!

    While I may not agree or like ALL of it, It is generally well thought out and put together well, keep it up.

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  • Humbled
    Phase 5: The Borg Spider: Species 2482


    The first faction with alien type species 2482. The function
    of The Borg Spider is to be able to raid where other factions
    has only one go or planet attack.

    The first introduction of The Borg Spider: Species 2482 is
    seen & captivates over ground levels. The purpose of The
    Borg Spider
    is to be able to drain planets from resources
    by casting it's web like net's over players Planet.

    The Borg Spider can with stand many attacks before being
    defeated in combat. The shielding of The Borg Spider can
    with stand even the greatest strength or power by faction

    Ideally constructed for Squadron's, players must work together
    to save each other from the fate of The Borg Spider. The Borg
    can be only launched by The Borg Collective faction every
    4 hours with a recharge timer of 4 hours before the next Borg Spider
    can be used on players planet.

    The Borg Spider Specifications

    Strength: 220,00
    Defense: 1,500,000
    Weakness: Legs
    Web Casting: 4 hours
    Recharge Casting: 4 hours

    Defeating The Borg Spider

    Squadron of 5 players
    Same Faction of 5 Players
    None Faction of 5 Players
    Mixed Faction of 5 Players

    Rewards for Defeating The Borg Spider

    Squadron Bonus: 20% more resources
    Same Faction Bonus: 15% more resources
    None Faction Bonus: 10% more resources
    Mixed Faction Bonus: 5% more resources

    Ruling for The Borg Spider

    If The Borg Spider is engaged in combat other players
    can join battle if they are same Squadron name. Only
    5 players from same Squadron can attack The Borg

    If none Squadron player attacks the same faction type
    can join battle. Only 5 none Squadron players attacks
    from same faction can join battle.

    Mixed faction attacks are based on 3/2 or 2/3 the balance
    will depend on the faction who joins before others. Each
    faction dealing damage to The Borg Spider wins by most
    damage dealt by the faction.

    If The Borg Spider is engaged by faction or by squadron
    players can not join once slots are completely filled.

    [Note]: Draining Effective Once Per Hour. If The Borg Spider is
    defeated debris will be left at the planet it was defeated on. To
    the victor goes the spoils of war.

    Borg Spider.jpg
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  • Humbled
    commented on 's reply
    There are some good ideas to deplete The Borg Collective into
    8472 in later mission. Will be adding more player based content

  • Humbled
    commented on 's reply
    who says storyline has to be accurate, it is player based not samba based xD!

  • branesid
    There is 1 problem Humbled in this u are trying to create here....
    If we follow the timeline and we are curently at what ???50 years after voyager returned to earth ? ....
    Thing is borg has fallen ... Thay dont have colective anymore .... Borgs are now liberated and exist as individuals ... yes thay still have cubes and everything ... but there is no more borg colective ... so follow the timeline and repair ur posts ...i think this story will not be alowed cause samba have to follow the agreement... yes ur story is nice but its not what actualy happen... for more info try to visit some of the oficial Star Trek timeline sites... im looking forwards to see this .... and also me and GuGGiTz from s15 ... working together on new sugestions and updates for Samba ... we will be posting it soon on feedback... also we could work together to create this ...
    One more tip... actualy liberated borg and starfleet made the agreement and thay are working together in this timeline.... thay are trying to defeat 8472... ull see actualy wha im taling about if u visit some of the sites

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  • Humbled
    Phase 4: The Borg Collective Introduction


    Every faction has an introduction before choosing captains.
    Players will be able to see The Borg Collective Introduction
    before choosing The Borg Faction captain. The purpose of
    The Borg Collective Introduction is to learn to about The
    Borg Collective & 8472 Species as the chosen faction for
    game play.


    A beacon in space transmitting on frequency 1002-489-52
    Star Ship Shuttle "This is Commander.....

    {Cut Scene Star Ship Shuttle Being Attacked}......

    "anyone in space can hear this message please reply".....

    {Cut Scene The Borg Collective Appears}

    This is The Borg, lower your shields, resistance is futile....

    25 years later, Species 8472 created by the unknown commander
    & first contact by The Borg Collective in Alpha Quadrant 2454. The
    evolution of the 8472 Species has begun absorbing power from the
    dimension in Fluidic Realms....

    {Cut Scene The Borg Collective creation of 8472}

    The truce between Star fleet & Species 8472 broken within Fluidic
    Sector for the tides of power to shift as The Borg invades Earth....
    Federation began to hurdle to retain as much information as they
    could before.....

    {Cut Scene The Unknown Borg Collective Captain Arrives}

    The Borg Collective started a new era of building massive spheres,
    to invade any who oppose them, as The Borg Collective started to
    draw more power from the Fluidic Realm the rifts of the Species
    8472 started to flow more abundantly in all sectors of space....

    {Cut Scene 8472 Species invades planets}

    [End Note] Cut Scenes to be added in at a later date.
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  • Humbled
    Phase 3: The Borg Collective Music


    Every faction has music in the background playing.
    Players will be able to hear The Borg Collective Music
    while playing within The Borg Faction. The purpose of
    The Borg Collective Music is to be able to listen to music
    as you play as the chosen faction.

    Michael Swain
    "Death of the Cyborg"

    Re-mastered with loop
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  • Humbled
    Phase 2: The Borg Collective Background


    Every faction has a background with section to new faction.
    Players will be able to see The Borg Collective Background
    when selecting The Borg Faction. The purpose of The Borg
    Faction Background
    is to be able to see The Borg Collective
    in all it's screen resolution.

    Borg Background.jpg

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  • 42002391011
    a shame its not part of the game that would defo make things interesting

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