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Guide: How to send a bug report.

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  • Guide: How to send a bug report.

    Okay to make the life of the developers and other staff easier, players should provide some information when posting a bug so that way the developers won't need to ask what server or if you can provide a screen shot.

    What a bug report should have:
    1. Your Captains Name
    2. Server Name
    3. Time/Date of when you encountered the bug.
    4. Screenshot of the bug if possible.
    5. Detailed description of the bug.
    6. Steps on how to replicate bug if possible.
    Be nice when posting a bug report.

    HTML Code:
    [B]Captain Name:[/B] Wizkiller96
    [B]Server Name:[/B] S1-Vulcan
    [B]Time/Date:[/B] 1:33 AM EST/May 11, 2015
    [B]Screenshot:[/B] [IMG][/IMG]
    [B]Description:[/B] Info about bug that you have encountered
    [B]Steps to replicate bug:[/B] This is optional but it helps the devs out.
    If you provide this information above it will make it allot easier for the developers.
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    Thanks wizkiller96, that's all we need. If players could provide us these information when reporting a bug, it will be easier for us to find out and fix the bug