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How to check your support ticket.

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  • How to check your support ticket.

    Important Information

    The problems with tickets not showing up in "My Cases" seems to be fixed, but if for some reason it doesn't show up then check your email to see if you got any mail from [email protected]
    When send a ticket at most people will think they're not getting a response because they think responses are emailed to them, which is understandable as the button on the support page says "Email Us". To check for ticket responses, please follow the steps below.

    Step 1: Goto once you sent a ticket through the ticket system you can check your ticket status by clicking "My Cases" at the top of the support page.

    Step 2: When you click on "My Cases" a pop-up window will appear and it will show a list of open tickets. To open a ticket click on the "ticket title".

    Step 3: After click a the ticket title you will now see your ticket and all the responses at the bottom from staff and from you. You will also see a text area here so you can write your replies in.

    List of Support Options:
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