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Game not loading 14th June 2021 Please post here all reports

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  • Game not loading 14th June 2021 Please post here all reports

    There has been a Database/Login server crash which means that all Tournaments and Cross Server system battles may not work, if they work at all.

    Now Please report the issues that you are facing at this time and your server, HOWEVER you need to remember that if somebody has already posted from servers 4 to server 58 that the game is down, Like I have then you do not need to post that its stuck at 14%

    But if you are from ANY other server and you are stuck at 14% please post your server here with character name. This will allow that server to be tested to make sure.

    Anybody suffering with Cross server issues like Tournament, Arena, CSSB, 3v3 ( I know its monday but this could last a few days) then post details, but if you see a player within your server group thats posted, just click on Quote and say "Same here" instead of posting a repeat of info.

    They will have the game running correctly once the servers are fixed.

    And yes Compensation will be paid out to all affected
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    Like yesterday, the game load is blocked at 14%. S20
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      its the same here


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        Yup, 14% for me too


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          I am having problems logging in for the past 2 day, gets up to 14% in top bar and no further, can't seem to send pic to customer support for reasons I can't fig, my screenshots file is not coming up to open when I click the + to the chat bar Server Cardassia s13
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            14% on s166


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              In s235 there's some problems with enrolling for the Cross Server Battle and Weekly Tournament. It's not allowing us to enroll. We are also seeing bugs with things like the Exchange not loading correctly even after reloading/refreshing. We have tried to sign out and restart, but the problem is still there.

              2021-06-14 06_47_12-Start.png 2021-06-14 06_47_43-Start.png
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                yes on S26 also...thought was weird maintenance ....occured exactly at 0:27 game tim


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                  S121 ligilium

                  14:22 game time 13th June

                  unable to login to server from mini client or browser, looks like the darkened screen when it's trying to load into 3v3 which was my last event before this occured, screenshot 1 shows all i know

                  18:06 game time 13th June - no change - still as per screenshot 1

                  03:56 game time 14th June - "100%" notifier now gone - as per screenshot 2

                  10:45 game time 14th June - no change - still as per screenshot 2

                  02:05 game time 15th June - Login Issue Resolved

                  As suspected my acount was trying to enter 3v3 while the servers were down on sunday and again on monday when no 3v3 was available. At login today my account went straight into 3v3.

                  Sadly monday was the first day in more than 5 years i was not able to complete daily tasks and i am now a day behind others in events but i am glad game is back up and running.

                  s121 not loading 13th june.png s121 not loading 14th june.png
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                    Server fb16 Ocampa
                    Not able to log on .... does not get past 14%


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                      Server FB13 - Can't get in - Itg opened last night but is stuck loading again today


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                        s198 also hang on 14%


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                          Originally posted by kargus View Post
                          yes on S26 also...thought was weird maintenance ....occured exactly at 0:27 game tim
                          Same here on S24. Just clicked to start an ISV and it did nothing so reloaded. Now it's been getting stuck at 14% every reload. Looks like whatever they fixed yesterday didn't work properly.


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                            fb37 is back to being broke as well fb349 works fine. why he closed the topic is beyond me


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                              server 173 is also stuck at 14%