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Server issues please post here

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  • Server issues please post here

    If you have a server issue please post here ONLY.

    Thank you

    Moderating team
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    When entering Arena, it shows a blank screen and refreshing either the Arena or game does not correct. It happened during 2nd 3v3 session on 6/13/21 as I was able to get into the arena before 3v3, but after 3v3, I get the blank unrefreshable screen on all accounts. Attached is a screenshot of 10 accounts with the blank screen. Mind you, these accounts are spread out on 8 different machines across 3 different ISPs.

    And it won't let me upload the image LOL.


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      If I shrink it down and upload it to a reply, it works. Capture2.PNG


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        Also going on at the same time - reported by others, are pausing of game loading around 14% - several refreshes clear this up for me plus problems getting into boss fight - which is cleared up by refreshing. Also problems getting into CSSB.


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          s121 not loading.png Mehome
          S121 ligilium

          14:22 game time 13th June

          unable to login to server from mini client or browser, screenshot shows all i know

          18:06 game time - no change - still as per screenshot
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            Same issue on benthos fb37 tried both my accounts but I am logged on to fb349 no problem


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              just hangs at 14 percent


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                i had the same boss i could fight but boss rankng did not display. cssb dislp ship orbiting a system that was there or icon to launch into for the system. Cross server squadron battle displayed txt vs txt, and displayed no winners or losers in scedule.


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                  As stated in another post. If you have NEW information please post it here. We know servers 4 to 58 are affected by the crash and staff have been informed directly. If you are not able to log in and you are not within the server 4 to server 58 group post your server number (FB players remember you are out of sink with all main servers).


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                    s31 here . 3 hours waiting still no fix ?????????????????????????????????


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                      Originally posted by whitealchemist View Post
                      s31 here . 3 hours waiting still no fix ?????????????????????????????????
                      Clearly you have issues reading.

                      As pointed out servers 4 to 58 are in the same boat, they all crashed.

                      Please people only post if your server is outside the group of servers affected. We all know servers 4 to 58 are down, it all about other servers higher up.

                      If a server for example server 120 crashed then report it, but if you cannot log into server 55 then clearly you do not need to report as they are down.

                      Compensation should be given out but we will have to see when the servers go back up.

                      Thank you.


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                        S243 is having issues. No 3v3 icon no wager on squad battle, Arena is blank etc


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                          Squad Battle also not working - it has also removed all squad members from entry Capture.PNG when looking at squad members. These two accounts are from s116 and s266


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                            s214 able to log in now --- couldn't log in about 2-3 hours ago.
                            Having problems with Squad Battle and Arena -- both blank (including Arena exchange). Also no 3v3 icon on main miniclient window.

                            Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 10.08.01 PM.jpg
                            Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 9.59.21 PM.jpg Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 9.59.39 PM.jpg
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                              Most of 235 is buggy. Exchange is blank or not counting time correctly. Squad battle and Arena are also wonky/blank. System Battle didn't work earlier