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Cygnus V +5 problem with +30% dmg boost to fleet

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  • Cygnus V +5 problem with +30% dmg boost to fleet

    Hi there,
    recently I developed my Cygnus V ship to lvl5. Description of passive skill says "Increase damage dealt to enemies by 30%". When my Cygnus V was at lvl 4 the description was "increase damage dealt to enemies by 20%".

    Now I do less dmg. with my flagship (it isn't Cygnsu) to boss then I did, when Cygnus was at lvl4. I didn't change someting else in my main fleet, I only increase the lvl of Cygnus to 5.

    Is that a known bug ?



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    Number One Please stop making multiple copies of the same post.

    The description of the ship is correct and it is only the ship itself which gains the extra %, so gaining +10% of its base damage isn't much. However it is strange how it is effecting the damage of your flag. I use the same ship in my setup and do not lose any damage. I have tested it over and over and there is no dip in damage.

    It would be interesting to see how you have it setup but I take your word for it when it comes to dropping your damage. Mine is at Rank 5 also and it has not changed anything when it came to damage.


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      Sorry, we had some internet problems. It wasn't my intention to do a triple post. After pressing "Post Reply" I didn't see it was posted .. so I pressed it a 2nd and a 3rd time. I deleted posts 2 and 3 now.

      Here's a screenshot of the setup of the Cygnus ship.

      Hm .. when the Cygnus'S passive skill only raises its own damage I must have overseen something. Maybe I should re-think exactly what I have done before ..


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        That is OK about the posts as the forum itself could be at total fault.

        As for the ship, if the description stated that "The fleet gains X%" then the whole fleet would get the bonus, but if it states "once entering battle increases damage X%" this refers to the ship. Also remember there can be a set timer for any damage being applied as they sometimes put, "Entering battle the FIRST X (Attacks)(Seconds)(Hits)"

        It can be confusing however the passive abilities should not have an effect on the rest of your fleet "Unless stated" within the ships passive. I do wish they had somebody who speaks English which can write the description for them because what they come out with is nonsense some times, even I have to get it explained to me in high details before I can pass it on to you guys.


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          Agreed .. sometimes its hard to understand the description of the passive skills. Thx for the help.
          But in this case the fault was on my side indeed .. I used to have the Epsilon shuttle on my flag ship (this shuttle "increases the starships damage by xx%") .. I removed it from flag at the same time I developed the Cygnus to lvl 5 .. so I misinterpreted it.