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Crit Damage reduce crystal bug

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  • Crit Damage reduce crystal bug

    Hey guys, there is something odd going on with the white (Crit damage reduce) crystal. In battle with boss, it usually gives a -1 damage when the effect gets triggered, right ?
    Ok, my lvl 5 crystal was working, and still works. Lvl 6, even better. Now, I got it to lvl 7, and all of a sudden it stopped working. Literally, it does not trigger the -1 not once. I changed the position, equiped it on every ship and nothing. Can you please check this ? Server FB333, name Vagina.

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    Nothing? No one else is experiencing this? If I am the only one, then there is a problem with my account.


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      What level is the boss you are fighting.
      As the boss dies the change of a hit being made goes up, which can mean that yes you can have 10 miss hits (-1) on a single ship, or 2 levels later just one -1, or none at all. I do not rely on the white crystal to do all of the miss hits as it can be a little miss leading. Also past level 80 the timer is cut from every 6 seconds between boss shots to every 3 seconds, however you can have a lot more miss hits and get much higher scores. At 86 I got a nice 350 mil score, but at level 68, as i let it drop down, I got just 220 scores, which is so strange.

      I do not believe the crystal is the issue, unless you have the yellow crystal as well.


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        The boss (Korvac) keeps moving back and forth between lvl 48 to lvl 51...basically. It's a 6-month-old server with no so many active players at this moment, so that's not the issue. I also had the yellow crystal at lvl 7 in the flag but I removed it. Since I did it, it eventually get a -1. But for example, my front row ships have a lvl 4 or lvl 5 white and all of them get much more -1 than with the lvl 7. I tested this for 2 weeks now...


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          OK you need to take this into consideration. A level 49 boss has much less hit and critical than a level 51. I do not know the % difference but it could be a good 10%, just guessing at that.

          I will say this, once you look at your ships and their Crit Avoidance %, I have some at 85% the level 9 spar will give me 115% Crit Avoidance and so on. The higher the Crit Avoidance the more chances to avoid a crit hit, and as the boss is only a crit hitting attack this is why you get the Blue -1. So the higher the Crystal the better, oh and use an officer which has high Evasive manoeuvres as this also helps avoid a hit from the boss, and players.


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            Yeah, I kinda know how it works I played for 2 years in server 10 when the game was starting, then I quit. A few months ago I started from scratch, made more sense than catching up. I am just telling this to make clear my point point that it is not lack of understanding the game mechanics.
            These past 2 days, I rotated that crystal between my 4 ships. The ship with the lvl 7 ALWAYS got almost none -1. The rest of them got -1 much more frequently. I know how weird it sounds, I know it makes no sense, and that's exactly why I am here. I tested the damn thing in every possible way and always got the same results....