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  • Cannot see certain info

    Is anybody else having issues with not being able to see info. like, chat, how much resources I have etc. words seem to be missing, oh and numbers.

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    We are in the Bug section and as so it would be really helpful for everybody, yourself included, if you can supply screenshots of what you are complaining about. This is very helpful to anybody that will ask questions upon this issue.
    Please do not be offended with the next comments because they are not aimed at you in any way they are just examples people have to be fully aware of when posting.
    Staff scratching their heads........ What are you talking about we do not see a problem.
    You get frustrated because staff ask for Screenshots. You get frustrated because in game it does not look like they have done anything, you get frustrated because nothing has been done and staff do not reply to post.
    I know this comment is insulting to people that take it as an insult however it is in no way meant as an insult. When reporting a bug you have to treat the people you are reporting the bug to as idiots that need pictures to make a cup or Tea or Coffee.
    I know this sounds like something you should not do, but providing as much details and screenshots also improves the game for all.