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Energy Factor Problem

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  • Energy Factor Problem

    have 4 bases in the quandrant and the levels of each factory are the same. However only 2 of the 4 bases can upgrade. Even though everything is the same the other 2 bases are saying it doesnt have enough energy. all the factors in the same quad should be producing the same amount and be upgradeable.

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    When you look at a planet look at the energy part. 0.9 or even 1.0 would show you how much energy on the scale you would get when you have level up your energy station. the higher the number for energy the more energy you will have. Also you have to remember there are some things you do not need, like the shipyard. no point having it using up a lot of energy if you do not actually use it.


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      i looked at all the ship scales and the energy output for the lowerest base is 100 which should be more than enough to upgrade it, its usually 20 to 40 to upgrade a factory. Having hte same problem again upgrading a engery factory, it says "character too low" when i have it on level 44 and going to 45, all the other bases are on 45 for energy. Its definately samba